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Tired of reading? Watch product videos instead.
This page contains a number of application and technology videos highlighting and explaining Winmate rugged computing and display products.

Winmate M101B Product Guide

This video presents an introduction and overview of Winmate's rugged M101B tablet computer. It explains and highlights all features, interfaces, ports, and other characteristics of this IP65-sealed Tablet PC.

Winmate M101 Series: Features

A look at the various functional and ruggedness features of the Winmate M101 Series.

Winmate M101B: Direct Store Delivery

A demonstration of how the M101 Series can be used in direct store delivery applications.

Winmate M101B: Warehouse and Inventory

A demonstration on how warehouse and inventory managements can benefit from the Winmate M101 Series.

Winmate M101B: Product Management and Tracking

An overview of the many benefits the Winmate M101 Series brings to product management and tracking deployments.

Winmate M9020 Series

An overview of the Winmate M9020 Series of rugged tablet computers.

Winmate Smart Access Control for Building Automation

An informative video that introduces Winmate's Smart Access Control Panel suitable for numerous building automation projects.

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