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Provider of mobile automation Tablet PC systems for a variety of industries and applications

1501 Boyson Square Drive, Suite 101 · Hiawatha, IA 52233 · Phone: 319-363-4121

Why choose MobileDemand for your rugged Windows tablet and rugged Surface case needs? It's simple: we promise to be your trusted partner in innovative mobile enterprise computing by providing productivity through better uptime and long-term value. You'll get more done faster and grow your business with MobileDemand. It boils down these key reasons:

  • Microsoft Partner — The rugged Surface cases produced by MobileDemand are engineered as part of the Microsoft Designed for Surface Program. The goal of the Microsoft Designed For Surface Program is to serve customers by providing high quality third-party hardware accessories to work seamlessly with Surface devices. MobileDemand is also an authorized reseller of certain Microsoft Surface devices and accessories.

  • Innovation — When you work with us, you'll quickly realize that we are passionate about continuously improving our xTablets to help you become even more efficient and productive. We listen to customer needs and act on it. Whether it's our products, accessories and options, technological enhancements, customer relationships or vertical channels — innovation is everywhere. MobileDemand offers the broadest range of devices in the industry!

  • Global Presence — MobileDemand serves a worldwide market via their reputable and reliable tablet reseller network along with direct selling. With an install base in over 40 countries, MobileDemand has become a go-to vendor for businesses, non-profits and multi-national corporations needing powerful and trustworthy mobile computing systems.

  • Productivity — Large or small, technology has become an integral part of nearly every component of your business. When we developed the xTablet our goal was to help you get more done faster. By harnessing the power of mobile technology, you can increase your productivity and gain a competitive edge. Whether it's time-saving options or accessories, hardware and software partnerships or rugged capabilities, you can count on the MobileDemand devices to make you more efficient.

  • Suite of options and accessories — We understand that every industry and every business is different. That's why we've created a full suite of tablet accessories that will allow you to customize your Windows tablet to fit your specific needs. The result? More productivity, long-term cost savings and greater functionality compared to off-the-shelf consumer devices.

  • Customer service — When you partner with us, we want you to have the best total experience before, during and most importantly after the sale. Our engineering staff and technical support team work together to help solve any customer issues in a timely matter. If you need a custom solution, our engineering team is ready and willing to design a solution for your specific needs and requirements. Need to speak with our service team? Give us a call, you won't have to sit on hold for long, our average wait time is less than one minute.

  • Rugged — All MobileDemand Windows tablet systems meet MIL-STD 810G for ruggedness, including drops, shock, sealing (water and dust) and temperature fluctuations. This durability translates into better reliability, near 100% uptime and lower long-term maintenance and service costs compared to non-rugged consumer devices.

  • Reliability — Engineered to withstand the toughest of conditions, you will be able to count on your MobileDemand xTablet anytime, anywhere. And the Windows operating system and robust Intel processors provide the memory and power you need to make the xTablet a reliable partner in your enterprise operations.

Demonstrating ruggedness and utility:

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MobileDemand News
Full review: MobileDemand xTablet T1150
With the xTablet T1150, MobileDemand adds a third option to its 10-inch rugged tablet lineup. The T1150 represents the top-of-the-line among the trio (the other two being the low-end Flex 10A and the mid-range T1550), offering additional refinement and performance as well as options not available in the lower-end products. conducted a full review of the MobileDemand xTablet T1150, and found it a compelling package for anyone who needs Windows on tough jobs, even those that require high-level sealing, high resolution, GPS, and industrial-grade scanning. [See full review of the MobileDemand xTablet T1150] -- Posted Friday, September 29, 2017 by chb

Full review: MobileDemand xTablet T1550 rugged Tablet PC
Ruggedness in mobile computers comes at a price, and that can keep customers away. That's why for some time now, MobileDemand has been offering a variety of economically priced rugged tablets. An example is the Intel Cherry Trail-powered 10.1-inch Windows 10-based xTablet T1550. RuggedPCReview examined the T1550, which starts at US$999, in detail and found much to like. Such as solid construction, good connectivity, useful productivity options (including industrial-grade scanning), a good display, and impressive ruggedness. [See full review of the MobileDemand xTablet T1550] -- Posted Thursday, June 15, 2017 by chb

Mobile Demand and Phantom Controls SAM present the next generation fire truck
Operating fire trucks used to be a very manual thing. But MobileDemand and the folks at Phantom Controls proved that you can teach old dogs new tricks. They retrofitted an old St. Louis fire truck with their SAM (Scene Apparatus Manager) automated fire pump system to open and close valves, set the pressure for the pressure governor, select intakes for water supply, and alert the crew if there are any problems. It allows the truck operator to focus on the crew, their safety, and instantly set or reallocate pressure where and how it's needed. The truck itself has a panel PC, the operator uses a MobileDemand xTablet T8650 rugged tablet PC with Phantom Controls SAM software. The system will be demonstrated at FDIC 2017, April 24-29 in Indianapolis. For a great video on how it works, see this Facebook video (184,000 views as of 4/24!!!). -- Posted Monday, April 24, 2017 by chb

Full review: MobileDemand's rather amazing US$595 2-in-1 rugged Windows xTablet Flex 10A
It's difficult to figure out what to make of MobileDemand's xTablet Flex10A. It's essentially a generic 10-inch Windows tablet inside expertly designed and executed ruggedization armor, and including straps and handles and pen and screen protector and all. And with an optional very well matched detachable keyboard it becomes a remarkably useful 2-in-1 hybrid. All for US$595 (plus about $100 for the keyboard and easel). [See full review of the MobileDemand xTablet Flex 10A] -- Posted Monday, March 6, 2017 by chb

Scan handle transforms rugged tablet into barcode scanning powerhouse
MobileDemand has designed a scan handle attachment for the new xTablet T8650 rugged tablet. The optional accessory snaps directly to the back of the device to enable fast and ergonomic barcode scanning using the rugged tabletís built-in 2D barcode scanner. The Scan Handle, which connects via Bluetooth, is powered by a swappable battery, providing up to 90 hours of continuous use on a single charge. [See MobileDemand media release and watch xTablet T8650 Scan Handle demo video] -- Posted Thursday, February 16, 2017 by chb

Full review: MobileDemand Cherry Trail-powered xTablet T8650 with Intel RealSense 3D camera system
MobileDemand has a long track record of offering new and interesting rugged tablet PC products, and the 8-inch Intel Cherry Trail-based xTablet T8650 is no different. It's a tough, handy and versatile Windows 10 tablet that — thanks to its Intel RealSense 3D camera system — can also be used as a pilot and test bed for bleeding edge 3D data capturing and manipulation technology. RuggedPCReview conducted a detailed analysis of the T8650 and its unique camera. [See full review of the MobileDemand xTablet T8650] -- Posted Wednesday, November 30, 2016 by chb

Full review: MobileDemand Cherry Trail-powered xTablet T8650 with Intel RealSense 3D camera system
MobileDemand has a long track record of offering new and interesting rugged tablet PC products, and the 8-inch Intel Cherry Trail-based xTablet T8650 is no different. It's a tough, handy and versatile Windows 10 tablet that ó thanks to its Intel RealSense 3D camera system ó can also be used as a pilot and test bed for bleeding edge 3D data capturing and manipulation technology. RuggedPCReview conducted a detailed analysis of the T8650 and its unique camera. [See full review of the MobileDemand xTablet T8650] -- Posted Wednesday, November 30, 2016 by chb

MobileDemand presents two new rugged tablet case studies
MobileDemand published two new case studies. One is on Honda Transmission Manufacturing, located in Russel's Point, Ohio, using MobileDemand xTablet T1200 systems to replace their tugger-mounted and forklift-mounted laptops, as well as using MobileDemand xTablet T1400, xTablet T1600 and xTablet Flex 10 devices for various applications. The second is on the use of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with MobileDemand's premium rugged case to run a Blue Robotics BlueROV2 underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to discover uncharted shipwrecks along the dramatic Southern California Pacific Ocean coastline. [See Honda Manufacturing Replaces Rugged Laptops with Rugged Windows Tablets and Marine Exploration Driven By Rugged Surface Pro 4 Tablet] -- Posted Monday, October 17, 2016 by chb

Success report: University of Minnesota researchers choose Surface tablets in MobileDemand rugged case
The University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities is home to the Freeman Lab, an academic biological research group of professors and students who are constantly exploring the inís and outís of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics, investigating interesting enzymes made by bacteria and fungi that play a role in making antibiotics. When they decided it was time replace pens and paper as their main source for data recording, the Freeman Lab chose the Microsoft Surface 3 with a MobileDemand rugged case as their perfect solution. [See MobileDemand success story] -- Posted Monday, August 15, 2016 by chb

Full review: MobileDemand's versatile and very affordable rugged 10.1-inch Windows xTablet T1500
With the xTablet T1500, MobileDemand complements their existing and similarly sized Flex 10 with a tablet device that offers a significantly higher degree of ruggedness, while still keeping costs remarkably low. Starting at just US$995, the T1500 has a superb display, industrial-grade scanning, very good cameras, and ample online connectivity. [See full review of the MobileDemand xTablet T1500] -- Posted Tuesday, June 7, 2016 by chb

MobileDemand launches rugged xTablet T8650 capable of dimensional data acquisition
MobileDemand announced the xTablet T8500, an innovative rugged 8-inch Windows 10 tablet computer with integrated Intel RealSense R200 camera system that can not only enhance productivity by quickly performing near-field automatic length and volume measurements, but also has the potential to revolutionize the generation of photorealistic 3D models as well as provide an entry to the emerging field of dimensional data acquisition. [See description, analysis and specs of the MobileDemand xTablet T8650] -- Posted Wednesday, June 1, 2016 by chb

Review: MobileDemand xCase for Microsoft Surface tablets
We've had a chance to field-test MobileDemand's xCase for Surface. Available for the Microsoft Surface 3 and Surface Pro 4, the xCase is really more than just a case. It's more like a tough, tight-fitting exoskeleton that converts a Surface tablet into a well-protected, easy-to-carry tool for jobs out there in the field, without losing any of the tablet functionality. [See review of the MobileDemand xCase for Surface] -- Posted Tuesday, March 15, 2016 by chb

Full review: MobileDemand's remarkably affordable xTablet T8500 with IP67 sealing and integrated scanner option
Tablets are being used in more and more enterprise, government and industrial applications, but the high price of fully rugged devices often stands in the way. MobileDemand addresses this challenge with the affordably priced (starting at US$845) xTablet T8500, a rugged Intel Bay Trail-powered Windows 10 tablet with a 1280 x 800 pixel 8-inch capacitive touch display, 8-hour battery life, and full IP67 sealing. [See full review of the MobileDemand xTablet T8500] -- Posted Wednesday, February 10, 2016 by chb

MobileDemand launches impressive new website
MobileDemand has launched its new website. It's an innovative, mobile-friendly design that features a clean, modern layout with secure, integrated shopping. The site is designed to educate visitors about choosing the right tablet for the job no matter what their industry or application may be, and then allow them to purchase online, through a certified partner or directly from a MobileDemand sales expert. We're impressed. At a time where we're seeing too many sites simply be converted to a limited and often confusing WordPress template, MobileDemand nailed it. [See the new MobileDemand website] -- Posted Monday, February 1, 2016 by chb

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