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Providing trusted ePlatform services and true mobility in rugged, reliable state-of-the-art handhelds, tablets and vehicle mount computers

Full PDFs of reviews: MARS-3100R -- MARS-3100S -- TREK-775 -- VITA-350E -- MARS-1031

Founded in 1983, Advantech is a global leading ePlatform services provider of web-based technology, computing platforms and customization services to empower innovations in the connected eWorld. Advantech cooperates closely with solution partners to help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications in diverse industries. Advantech delivers more than a thousand products and solutions in three business groups: Embedded & Industrial Computing, eServices & Applied Computing and Industrial Automation. With more than 3,400 talented people, Advantech operates an extensive support, sales and marketing network in 18 countries and 36 major cities to deliver fast time-to-market services to our worldwide customers.

Rugged Handheld Terminals

Designed as a compact handheld mobile terminal, the MARS-1030 is equipped with an Intel XScale processor and the Windows CE operating system. Together, this system offers the highest performance and superior reliability for retail, warehousing, logistic and ordering service applications. The optional 1-D / 2-D barcode scanner and RFID reader is highly efficient; the captured information can be communicated with the portable printers or other devices is also supported. To cope with harsh environments, the MARS-1030 is rated to "IP54" for water and dust resistance. It is also designed for ruggedness and can withstand a 1.5 meter (5ft) drop on concrete. MARS-1030 is an OS-ready platform with Windows CE pre-installed; Windows CE is an open architecture platform that provides complete driver support; this means that users can develop application programs easily, and quickly.

Industrial Tablet PCs

The Advantech MARS-3100 series is a 10.4" industrial tablet PC for applications like manufacturing, warehousing, factory maintenance, field service, transportation, police, fire and other emergency services. The rugged design of MARS-3100 resists shock and vibration to safeguard data while on the move. The whole MARS-3100 chassis is fully sealed to IP54 ratings to prevent water and dust damage in outdoor applications. With integrated WLAN, Bluetooth and GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE modules, rapid data transfer and communications are easily established.

Vehicle Mounted Computers

Advantech's Vehicle Mounted Computing Platforms offer industrial-grade computing solutions for vehicles like: forklifts, trucks, trailers, tractors and cranes. The full product family incorporates the latest computer cores, which all support the most efficient data processing. The rugged enclosures have no ventilation holes, ensuring that the entire unit is impervious to dust and water. Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b/g), GPS, GSM.GPRS modules can be integrated into our computing platforms for real-time data exchange, navigation, and communications.

Industrial Panel, Automation Controllers, and Box PCs

Advantech offers embedded automation computers with rugged, cableless designs for harsh industrial environments. With compact and rich I/O, multiple expansion solutions and multiple mounting methods, each embedded platform is suitable for a wide variety of automation applications in a wide range of environments. Available in low-power fanless processor configurations all the way up to state-of-the-art high performance designs, Advantech offers a complete range of the most reliable systems available.

Embedded boards and systems

Advantech's Embedded Boards & Design Services offers a very wide range of industry-leading Computers-on-Modules, Single Board Computers, industrial motherboards, RISC computing platforms covering virtually every board standard. Advantech also offers ruggedized solutions; embedded OS, BIOS and software systems expertise; customized thermal solutions, PCM design and in-Circuit testing, safety and EMS/EMI certification, and various other design support services.

Advantech Headquarters
No. 1, Alley 20, Lane 26,
Rueiguang Road, Neihu District,
Taipei 114, Taiwan, R. O. C.
Telephone: 886-2-2792-7818
Fax: 886-2-2794-7301
Web: www.advantech.com

Advantech Corporation
38 Tesla, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618
Toll Free: 1-800-866-6008
Ph: 949-789-7178
Fax: 949-789-7179

Advantech News
Review: Advantech SOM-5897 COM Express module
COM Express modules measure just 4.9 x 3.75 inches and are used to power all sorts of embedded systems where toughness and reliability matter. We tested the SOM-5897 that is available with no fewer than nine different Intel Skylake i7, i5, ad i3 processors, as well as Xeons and a Celeron. Ours came with a Core i7-6820QE, and it became our new benchmark performance king, faster than any mobile rugged system we ever tested, and faster than our production desktops. Quite impressive. [See review of the Advantech SOM-5897 COM Express module] -- Posted Thursday, August 18, 2016 by chb

Review: Advantech's multi-talented rugged MIT-M101 Windows tablet
Sometimes, what's needed is a rugged, speedy, unique and modern Windows tablet designed for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. And that's what we found the 10.1-inch, procap, Intel Bay Trail-powered MIT-M101 tablet from Advantech to be. It's a no-nonsense, expertly made multi-purpose platform equally well suited to demanding applications in the field as in clinical environments and mobile patient care settings. [See full review of the Advantech MIT-M101 rugged tablet] -- Posted Monday, August 15, 2016 by chb

New RTX standard for rugged Computer-on-Module boards
Advantech, AAEON, Avalue, ARM, NXP and Texas Instruments announced collaboration on a new open form factor ARM-based Computer-On-Module (COM) specification for industrial applications. RTX, which stands for Rugged Technology eXtended, describes a compact (68x68mm), robust (2mm thick boards, four board connectors for stacking) standard with with excellent anti-shock and anti-vibration capabilities, wide-range power input and wide operating temperature range (-40° to 185°F), making RTX an innovative form factor for ruggedized applications. Advantech announced two initial RTX boards, the ROM-3310 and the ROM-3420. [See Advantech media release and RTX standards website] -- Posted Wednesday, March 30, 2016 by chb

Advantech's Smart Factory Road Show
Advantech alerts to a series of road shows that discuss the future of manufacturing, and changes that are being made to factories to make them more intelligent and connected. Concepts and technologies such as Industry 4.0, 3D printing, intelligent robots, and intelligent "things" make smart(er) manufacturing possible. Advantech and Gexpro invite you to join them in Sacramento, Calif., on April 14 for their Smart Factory Roadshow. [See registration, and Roadshow Preview video] -- Posted Friday, March 4, 2016 by chb

Advantech unveils embedded computing platforms with integrated IoT remote management software
Advantech unveiled its full range of embedded computing platforms based on the the Intel "Braswell" Pentium/Celeron N3000 family of processors. These include the SOM-3568, SOM-6868 and SOM-7568 COM modules, the PCM-9310 and MIO-2030 SBCs, the AIMB-216 industrial motherboard; as well as the ARK-3405 fanless embedded Box PC. All are equipped with multiple OS, value-added software, and built-in intelligent management technology, such as WISE-PaaS/RMM, an IoT device remote monitoring and management platform for ensuring continuous system uptime and reduced maintenance costs. [See Advantech media release] -- Posted Monday, February 22, 2016 by chb

Advantech receives Taiwan Excellence 2016 Award
Advantech announced that its TREK-773 third generation all-in-one mobile data terminal for heavy duty fleet management, TREK-733L compact light-duty mobile data terminal for local fleet management, and TREK-973 compact light-duty rugged tablet have been awarded a Taiwan Excellence 2016 Award. [See Advantech media release] -- Posted Tuesday, December 29, 2015 by chb

Advantech acquires B+B SmartWorx, targeting IoT applications and expansion in the industrial connectivity market
Advantech announced that it will acquire Ottawa, Illinois based B+B SmartWorx in a deal worth about US$100 million. Founded in 1981, B+B SmartWorx provides intelligent M2M and IoT connectivity solutions for wireless and wired networks, making it an ideal addition to Advantech's Industrial Connectivity product portfolio and big step to increase Advantech's global market share by leveraging B+B SmartWorx’ branding and sales channels in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. [See Advantech media release] -- Posted Tuesday, November 17, 2015 by chb

Advantech reports higher revenue
Digitimes reports that Advantech's September 2015 revenue increased 3.7% to US$99.5 million compared to September 2014. The company has totaled US$874 million in year-to-date revenues, up 6.4% compared with the same time last year. -- Posted Monday, October 12, 2015 by chb

Advantech unveils Skylake-based embedded computing platforms
Advantech has unveiled its latest range of embedded computing platforms equipped with 6th generation Intel Core processors. These platforms comprise Computer On Modules SOM-5897 and SOM-6897, a MI/O Extension Single Board Computer MIO-5272, Industrial Motherboards AIMB-275 and AIMB-585. With Skylake, Advantech expects these Embedded Core Group products to offer dramatically enhanced CPU and graphics performance, wide power and feature scalability, and advanced features that boost IoT designs from the edge to the cloud. -- Posted Thursday, September 3, 2015 by chb

Review: Advantech ARK-2121L multiple I/O embedded Box PC
Industrial PCs used to be available either with expensive Intel Core processors or underachieving Atom chips. That's changed ever since Intel released the "Bay Trail" platform with much improved performance at reasonable prices. Beneficiaries are embedded Box PCs such as the Intel Celeron J1900-powered Advantech ARK-2121L that's available either in a base version that can be customized via iDoor or EMIO expansion modules, or three fully configured models for special markets. [See full review of the Advantech ARK-2121L] -- Posted Monday, August 31, 2015 by chb

Review: Advantech's modular MI/O standard and the MIO-2263 Pico-ITX single board computer
Last week we reported on a modular Panel PC concept, and this week we're describing Advantech's MI/O (multiple I/O) board standard that allows quickly building the exact right embedded solution while saving money in the process. We're also reviewing one of the MI/O system's computer module building blocks, the tiny Intel Bay Trail-powered Advantech MIO-2263. [See discussion of Advantech's MI/O standard and review of the MIO-2263 SBC] -- Posted Thursday, May 14, 2015 by chb

Advantech offers handy Industrial Switch Selector Tool
Advantech announced it's new Industrial Switch Selector Tool. The tool is designed to make it easy for customers to quickly locate, filter, examine, configure and compare its lineup of 80+ industrial switch products -- managed and unmanaged, standard up to extreme temperature range, copper or fiber, various power types -- all backed by a 5-year warranty. [See Advantech Industrial Switch Selector Tool] -- Posted Tuesday, January 27, 2015 by chb

Full review: Advantech ARK-3500 IPS with PCI/PCIe expansion
The Advantech ARK-3500 is a compact, fanless industrial PC specifically designed for those who need either PCI or PCIe expansion in their project. The ARK-3500 offers excellent onboard connectivity and a considerable range of Intel Ivy Bridge processor options as well as storage options, so as to suit the largest variety of possible deployments possible. [See full review of the Advantech ARK-3500 industrial PC] -- Posted Wednesday, January 7, 2015 by chb

Full review: Advantech AIIS-1240 PoE Compact System
A special treat: RuggedPCReview analyzed Advantech's AIIS-1240, a compact industrial computer with desktop-class processing power designed specifically for machine vision projects. The AIIS-1240 can provide Power over Ethernet to four industrial cameras for numerous automated optical inspection applications. [See full review of the Advantech AIIS-1240 PoE Compact System] -- Posted Friday, October 10, 2014 by chb

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