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Stealth StealthBOX Warrior

Rugged portable PC with built-in PCI expansion slots
(by Kirk Linsky)

Since its founding in 1990, Woodbridge, Ontario based Stealth Computer Corporation (which actually changed its name to just Stealth.Com in February of 2009) has quietly estblished itself as an innovative, high-quality supplier of specialized computer systems and peripherals with the experience and empirical knowledge to design, create and bring to market a wide range of application-specific products for industrial, commercial, scientific, and government clients around the world.

The StealthBOX Warrior is highly customizable computer workstations designed for people who require the power and expansion capability of a desktop PC in a portable package. The emphasis here is on "portable" as the machine requires AC or vehicle power and does not have an internal power source. It also weighs around twenty pounds and measures 16.4 x 11.4 x 6.4 inches.

The StealthBOX, however, offers something almost no mobile devices has: two full-size 32-bit PCI card slots. If an application requires functionality or expansion that is only avaiable in PCI card format, th StealthBOX is the answer. In addition, the machine offers the kind of expansion and connectivity options generally found on desktop computers, such as four external and two internal USB ports, dual FireWire ports, dual external SATA drive ports, dual RJ45 LAN jacks, and so on.

The display is a 15-inch XGA LCD with an anti-reflective tempered glass overlay. An optional resistive touch screen is available. The keyboard is, of course, full-scale and has 108 keys and a touch pad. And unlike some specialized computing equipment that lags way behind the curve in the processor and technology department, the StealthBOX uses a powerful and still current Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 processor.

The StealthBOX can take abuse as well, and has a wide operating temperature range of 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. All of this makes it a good candidate for use in numerous situations where desktop power and expandability is required in a rugged and portable package.

Note that Stealth Computer also sells ruggedized portable ATX board systems with PCI/PCIe expansions lots. The image below shows the StealthBOX's desktop-like interface panel.

Added/updated Added 02/2009
Form-factor Rugged portable PC
OS Windows XP Professional or Vista Business
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T7200
CPU Speed 2.0 GHz, 667 MHz FSB 4MB L2 cache
Chipset Intel 945GM, 224MB shared memory
Standard/Max RAM 2GB/4GB DDR2 SDRAM
Disk/drive Internal 120GB, 2 SATA removable drive bays for 80-500GB drives, optional SSD
Optical drive Slim DVD-RW included
Card/expansion slots 2 full-size 32-bit PCI, 1 mini-PCI
Display type Transmissive TFT with anti-reflection tempered glass protective overlay
Display size/res 15.0-inch/1024x768
Digitizer/pens Optional touch screen (opt.)/1
Keyboard/scale Mechanical full-scale 108 keys with touch pad
Sealing unknown
Shock 15G operating in all axis
Vibration 1.25G @ 10 to 100Hz, operating all axis
Temperature 32 to 140F
Housing unknown
Size (WxHxD) 16.4 x 11.4 x 6.4
Weight 20 lbs.
Power AC/DC power; DC option avaiable
Interface 4 external USB 2.0, 2 internal USB 2.0, video, S-Video, RCA video, 2 x RS232, 2 x FireWire, 2 x SATA external, 2 x PS/2, 2 x RJ45
Communications Configurable per customer request
List price Starts at US$4,995
Contact www.stealth.com
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