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The emerging market for rugged tablets

Samwell's RUGGEDBOOK SR820 rugged tablet attracts attention with deployments at Greek airline Olympic Air and US document management and data protection leader Recall

Tablets are all the rage these days. Apple's trail-blazing iPad is selling in the millions and we're now starting to see smaller tablets with 7-inch displays. With their smaller size, ease of operation, and sleek, fashionable look, tablets offer many advantages and it's becoming pretty clear that they are here to stay. Tasks that used to be performed on larger, heavier notebook computers are shifting to tablets, bringing computing into areas where it simply wasn't feasible before.

There are, however, some unresolved issues with tablets. The iPad and most of the emerging class of consumer tablets are not rugged devices. Many are well made and durable, but they were not designed to hold up on the job and in the field where they may get dropped, knocked around, or rained on. In addition, while 7-inch tablets are small and handy, those displays are almost too small to be of practical value in many field applications. And while Apple's iOS and the emerging Android OS have much to offer, many commercial and industrial operations seek to leverage their existing Windows infrastructure and thus require Windows 7.

Enter the Samwell Ruggedbook SR820. It's fully rugged but still weighs under three pounds (1.2kg). It's small, but still has a 8.9-inch display, offering 70% more screen real estate than a 7-inch tablet. And it runs Windows 7.

The SR820 also offers superior onboard connectivity with USB, LAN, VGA, audio and either a serial port or a laser scanner, as well as additional connectivity via the optional dock. And there is SD Card storage and a camera. Powered by an efficient Intel Atom processor, the SR820 does not need a fan, yet it can accommodate either a hard disk or solid state memory.

No wonder then that the Ruggedbook SR820 is attracting international attention! Here are two high-profile companies that have started using the Samwell Ruggedbook SR820:

Olympic Air

All around the world, the word "Olympic" conjures up memories of athletic events and competition. Olympic, however, is also a Greek airline, a vibrant transportation company boasting one of the youngest fleets of aircraft in Europe, consisting of Airbus A319/A320s and Bombardier Dash 8s. Olympic Air prides itself in providing operational and commercial flexibility, consistent operation via stand-by backup aircraft, and on-time departures and arrivals.

Needless to say, running a modern (and "green") airline with dozens of state-of-the-art aircraft requires computing technology that is up to the task, and Olympic Air found that in Samwell Ruggedbook SR820 tablets.

"What I can say about our operation and selection at this point is that between our goals of going "green" and at the same time benefitting from operating cost drop, Olympic has decided to go "paperless," said Olympic's EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) Administrator. "By doing so, 30-60 kg of paper is removed from the flight deck (according to aircraft type) and all that paper is replaced by files on rugged TabletPCs. The EFB is intended to reduce, or replace, paper-based reference material often found in the Pilot's carry-on Flight Bag.

Now our pilots have the ability to electronically search for the information they need, the moment they need it the most, and they are four times more likely to look for it than if they had to sort through paper manuals. Some of the key documents loaded in the EFB are the pilot handbook, flight operations manual, the minimum equipment list, operation manuals and, of course, specific airline software which is installed for various purposes (e.g. performance calculations, e-load sheet, e-charts, converters etc.). Each pilot has all these documents and more available at his or her fingertips with a touch screen rather than having to dig for paper manuals in map cases.

For our Bombardier Q400 Next Generation, and Bombardier DHC-8-100 we needed to go with tablet PCs due to the smaller flight decks. Specifically, we decided to go with the Ruggedbook SR820 due to its fully ruggedized platform, military spec certifications and endurance that make it more than capable to cope with our turboprop operations."


Recall manages the secure storage, retrieval and destruction of physical and digital information for nearly 80,000 customers worldwide. The company provides tailored information management solutions to thousands of customers across a large variety of industries, in such business processes as accounts payables and receivables, insurance and medical claims, human resources, transportation proof of delivery, leasing and lending files, financial statements and legal contracts, and many more.

Needless to say, Recall's operations are vastly complex and demand utmost reliability. Technology used in their SSA warehouse management systems must be flexible, adaptable, technologically state-of-the-art, easy to use, and able to work 24/7, without fail and under often harsh environmental conditions.

Recall is using Sawmwell's RUGGEDBOOK SR820 in their systems for inventory and data records verification, RFID barcode reading, cataloging, indexing, archiving and a variety of other tasks where the tablet's compact size, low weight, and ease of use helps Recall save time, reduce administrative errors, and increase efficiency in their daily work and operation.

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