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September 2007

DAP announces CE3000B handheld for security and access control
DAP Technologies, a Roper Mobile company, announced the DAP CE3000B, a rugged Windows Mobile 5.0-based handheld that addresses FIPS 201-mandated access security. The CE3000B is specifically billed as a "handheld for security and access control" and includes everything needed to provide immediate identification as security checkpoints and other places where quick, positive identification is essential: both contact and contactless SmartCard readers, fast fingerprint identification, and 1D and 2D barcode reading. [Read description and specs of the DAP CD3000B security access control computer] -- Posted Friday, September 28, 2007

VDC: Health care mobility market offers huge opportunity
VDC estimates the global market for enterprise mobility solutions for health care will reach $2.1 billion in 2007 and expects the market to grow 18.8% through 2011. Health care presents one of the fastest-growing market opportunities for mobile solutions yet at the same time one of the most complex. To be successful in this market, a vendor must be knowledgeable about the macro-issues driving investment and offer solutions that meet the unique needs of the health care workforce. The opportunities and key trends are discussed in great detail in VDC's newly released report, Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Health Care Vertical Market Analysis. -- Posted Friday, September 28, 2007

Full review: GETAC V100
The GETAC V100 is a small, lightweight notebook that can either be used as a standard laptop or, by rotating the display, as a Tablet PC slate. Up-to-date technology includes an energy-efficient ultra-low voltage Intel Core Duo processor, a large 120 or 160GB serial ATA hard disk, gigabit Ethernet, fast wireless PAN and WAN implementations, SD Card reader and an integrated camera. The V100 uses advanced thermal design to keep heat buildup at an absolute minimum. Heat pipes and the sturdy aluminum alloy case keep the computer cool and alleviate the need for a noisy fan. Customers can select different 3G cellular data options, add an integrated GPS receiver, an optional Smart Card reader, and even opt for a 12.1-inch wide-format touch screen instead of the standard 10.4-inch touch display. This machine will give the Panasonic CF-19 a run for the money. [Read our detailed review of the GETAC V100 -- Posted Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hand Held Products introduces Dolphin 7850
Hand Held Products announced the Dolphin 7850, a Windows Mobile 5.0-based handheld computer purpose- built for scan-intensive environments such as retail and warehousing applications, including inventory and price management, shipping and receiving, order picking, and cross docking. The 7850 is compact (7.1 x 3.3 x 1.4), fairly light (22 ounces) and rugged enough to survive 5-foot drops and earn an IP64 rating. It can be ordered with a variety of scanners and has a powerful battery that can last up to 10 hour even in scn-intensive applications. [See description and specs of the Dolphin 8750] -- Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Touch-based software for law enforcement and first responders
Informed Digital Field Guides MDC Edition 2007 bundles a library of popular law enforcement, fire/rescue and emergency medical field guides into software that operates on mobile computers in emergency response vehicles. A "tap browser" provides instant touch-screen access to critical information, and user-programmable buttons customize the software to meet regional requirements. Built on the .NET framework, the software operates on any Windows-based platform, including MDC systems, laptops, desktop computers and, soon, mobile phones and PDAs. -- Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Trimble solutions for survey and engineering
Trimble introduced new and enhanced surveying products as part of its Connected Site model -- the new Trimble S8 Total Station and Trimble 4D Control Software for engineering and monitoring applications; advances in Spatial Imaging with the next-generation Trimble GX 3D Scanner and enhanced field and office software that works with the Trimble VX Spatial Station; an expanded service for Trimble VRS Now service in Germany; and an updated Trimble VRS Infrastructure solution. These positioning products and services add greater flexibility and versatility to provide seamless and streamlined workflow for all of the critical phases of surveying. -- Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Full review: Trimble Nomad
&tThe TDS Nomad ranks right up there with the best conceived, designed, and most meticulously executed rugged handhelds we've tested over the past 14 years. Its superb industrial design is ergonomic, attractive and functional. The technology is state-of-the-art, and in some areas beyond. The result is an eminently practical, powerful handheld computer that can tackle whatever task it is assigned to. [Read full review of the Trimble Nomad]

-- Posted Friday, September 21, 2007

LXE introduces wearable Windows CE voice computer
LXE has substantial experience with wearable and voice activated, enabled and/or controlled computers. The company's HX2 is a small arm- or waist-wearable that's voice enabled, but it still has a display. The new HX3, introduced in September of 2007, does away with the display altogether. It is a completely hands-free voice-operated computer for use with voice-directed logistics applicatons, even if they take places in freezers with temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. [see description of the rugged LXE HX3 voice computer] -- Posted Tuesday, September 18, 2007

RFID handheld reader market takes off
According to Venture Development Corporation, almost 250,000 handheld RFID reader units were shipped in 2006, accounting for nearly 20% of all reader units shipped. Louis Bianchin, Senior RFID Analyst at Venture Development Corporation said, We saw an increase in handheld unit shipments (as compared to 2005) of nearly 385% and are expecting growth rates in excess of 30% annually over the next 5 years. The global market for RFID readers exceeded $430 million in 2006 and is anticipated to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 23% through 2011. -- Posted Friday, September 14, 2007

Firewalls in battlefield vehicles
General Dynamics Canada and Secure Computing Corporation announced the availability of the MESHnet Firewall for use in battlefield vehicles. MESHnet features Secure Computing's first Evaluation Assurance Level 4 common-criteria-certified firewall ruggedized to MIL-STD 810. It was shown at the General Dynamics booth at the Defence Systems & Equipment International conference in London, England, 11-14 September. Our take: This makes perfect sense. Wouldn't want military vehicles hacked into and disabled. Sounds like sci-fi, but it is not. -- Posted Friday, September 14, 2007

Garmin's aviation product support ranked #1
Aviation International News' annual avionics product support survey ranked 14 avionics manufacturers in seven categories: parts availability, parts cost, aircraft-on-ground (AOG) response, warranty fulfillment, technical manuals, technical reps and overall product reliability. Garmin finished first place in five of the seven categories. According to the magazine, "But by and large, pilots and mechanics were effusive in their praise for Garmin's products, judging the quality as good to excellent and support among the industry's best." -- Posted Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MobileDemand earns Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status
MobileDemand, LC, providing rugged Tablet PC systems for a wireless world, announced it has attained Gold Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program with a competency in OEM Hardware Solutions and a specialization in System Building, recognizing MobileDemand's expertise and impact in the technology marketplace. -- Posted Thursday, September 6, 2007

HP introduces 5 new iPAQs

Not necessarily rugged, but relevant anyway: HP returns Apple's serve (a whole new lineup of iPods) with a masterful volley of their own: Five new iPAQs (and a whole slew of new iPAQ programs, services and accessories). Read all about the "classic" iPAQ 110 that combines iPAQ style with state-of-the-art technology; the enterprise-oriented iPAQ 210 -- a spiritual successor of the iPAQ 4700 with its big and razor-sharp VGA display; the iPAQ 310 Travel Companion with a large, ultra-hi-res screen and a GPS-optimized processor; and two quad-band/3Q/WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS communicators with either a phone keypad (the iPAQ 610) or a thumbtype keyboard (the iPAQ 910).
-- Posted Thursday, September 6, 2007

Contigo launches GPS beacon for indoor tracking
Contigo, a provider of turn-key GPS solutions for asset tracking, fleet management and personal safety, has announce the launch of the Contigo 8100, an inexpensive, indoor-locatable beacon for covert asset tracking, theft recovery and personal security. The Contigo 8100 uses Qualcomm's gpsOne that allows the beacon to be located in environments where standalone GPS fails, such as indoors. The device hass a battery life of up to 10 days on a single charge. Using the Contigo platform, subscribers have the ability to proactively locate or track the 8100, review scheduled position reports online, and receive alerts (via email or cell phone) for multiple monitored zones. -- Posted Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Spectacular test results for Ampro embedded board
Ampro Computers, Inc., a supplier of standards-based computer systems, single board computers, and computer-on-modules, announced spectacular results for its CoreModule 800 SBC during Highly Accelerated Life Testing (H.A.L.T.). The CoreModule 800 withstood intense multi-axis vibration of 50Grms while operating over a very broad operating temperature range of -76 degrees to +194 degrees Fahrenheit. The embedded computer packs uses a 1 GHz Intel Celeron M 373 on the tiny PCI-104 form factor standard without protruding beyond the required 3.6" x 3.8" board outline. This means that system integrators and equipment manufacturers in avionics, military, industrial and transportation applications have a solution for extremely demanding, rugged requirements. -- Posted Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fujitsu biometric technology uses contactless vein pattern scan
The Fujitsu PalmSecure is a contactless palm vein based authentication device that offers an easy-to-use, hygienic solution for identity verification, answering a worldwide need of government, healthcare institutions, and private sectors. PalmSecure works by capturing a person's palm vein pattern image by radiating it with near-infrared rays. As veins are internal in the body with a wealth of differentiating features unique to each person, attempts to forge a person's identity based on their vein pattern is extremely difficult. The success of the PalmSecure device has been validated with recent deployments, including the Carolinas HealthCare System Charlotte-area hospitals. The installation is part of a solution to register a patient's information and protect their medical records and identity. It has the largest user base for any biometrically powered patient registration solution in North America. PalmSecure is also used widely throughout Japan, with more than 15,000 sensors already installed in banks, universities, hospitals, and private condominiums. -- Posted Wednesday, September 5, 2007

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