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Xplore Press Release - AllVue Technology

Advanced screen technology provides highest level of indoor/outdoor visibility and image clarity without sacrificing battery life

AUSTIN, TX AUGUST 24, 2004 - Xplore Technologies Corp., a leading international provider of rugged wireless Tablet PC systems, today announced the first deliveries of its newly released AllVue LCD technology for its family of iX104 Tablet PCs. AllVue is an advanced LCD and digitizer assembly technology using multi-layer optic enhancements and assembly processes that reduce reflectivity and glare, and increase brightness and contrast, effectively boosting display quality in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

The majority of existing laptop and tablet PCs use transflective, reflective, or transmissive displays. Each type is best suited for some combination of high, mid, or low light conditions, but never all three. Xplores AllVue technology was developed to enhance the screen readability and image clarity regardless of the light level and without negatively impacting battery life. With AllVue, iX104 tablets realize an increase in screen effectiveness of over 300 percent outdoors, and over 16 percent indoors, resulting in outstanding visibility in all lighting conditions.

New iX104 units can be ordered with AllVue enabled screens, and units already deployed can be retrofitted with the new technology. AllVue technology is currently in use with a number of existing Xplore customers, and enterprise upgrades are already being processed at Xplores facility.

Xplore's new LCD technology allows our field technicians to quickly and accurately view information on their rugged tablet computers whether outside or in a building, said John Dobie, senior supervisor of technical services for HydroOne, the leading electricity delivery company in Ontario, Canada. Our technicians see this as a dramatic enhancement to the performance of their iX104 tablets. Overall, we anticipate greater productivity due to this new screen technology.

AllVue technology is an exciting addition to Xplores product family, as it brings a whole new level of usability to our rugged tablets, said Brian Groh, president and CEO of Xplore. With AllVue screen technology we are able to provide a versatile and clear display in a portable rugged tablet. This compelling functionality will create heightened user acceptance and the potential for a higher return on investment for enterprise customers looking to replace standard commercial grade equipment.

AllVue is currently not compatible with iX104 DualMode models. For further details, contact your local Xplore authorized systems integrator.

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