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Top tier supplier of rugged handhelds and vehicle-mount computers

Headquartered in Norcross, GA, LXE Inc. designs rugged wireless computers and data collection solutions that improve supply chain performance. Founded in 1970, LXE began as the Digital Products Group of EMS Technologies. EMS made its name by developing wireless communications systems for the US space program.

EMS saw the potential for the wider business community of the ultra-rugged and reliable mobile computing technology it had developed, so LXE was born as the first company to offer wireless computing products for use in supporting logistics and material handling applications. LXE today is a wholly owned subsidiary of EMS Technologies, Inc.

LXE makes a variety of rugged handheld, vehicle mounted wireless computers and data collection terminals. They also provide wireless network infrastructure and dedicated customer support. According to technology market research firm VDC, LXE is one of the top 5 suppliers in the world of rugged handheld and vehicle-mounted computers and had 2006 revenues of US$138 million (see VDC research note February 2008).

In early 2008, LXE purchased Swedish mobile computer maker Akerströms Trux with its Windows XP-based vehicle-mount Tx700 and Tx800 panels.

LXE products described on RuggedPCReview.com:

  • LXE HX3 wearable voice-based computer
  • LXE MX3Xrugged "open-book" handheld
  • LXE MX5 flashlight-style handheld
  • LXE MX6 compact flashlight-style handheld
  • LXE MX7 compact flashlight-style handheld
  • LXE MX8 ultra-wearable flashlight-style handheld
  • Akerströms Trux Tx700 vehicle mount
  • Akerströms Trux Tx800 vehicle mount

    The handheld shown to the right is LXE's MX8, introduced in October of 2007 as a wireless handheld data collection computer for supply chain execution applications.