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Designer and manufacturer of rugged military and industrial computers

Note: AMREL sold its computer division to MilDef Group September 8, 2016. AMREL itself now concentrates on healthcare and renewable energy systems. MilDef Systems, part of the MilDef Group, will assume AMREL's role and continue to market, sell, and service AMREL's clientele with its rugged products portfolio.

AMREL (AMerican RELiance), headquartered in El Monte, California, is a maker/marketer of ruggedized computing equipment for industrial, medical and governmental markets. The company was founded by former Motorola VP Edward Chen who also co-founded Crete Systems, a Taiwanese premier rugged computer maker/OEM. The company is dedicated to a long-term support commitment of their customers and their specific rugged computer needs.

AMREL is organized into a computer division that manufacturers rugged military and industrial grade computers; and a medical division concentrating on medical computing platforms, and a renewable energy division.

In addition, AMREL's subsidiary, Bionetek Corporation, is responsible for the development and manufacturing of the patent pending CARDX ECD (Early Cardiac Diagnostic) System. Other corporate business relationships include Solarmer Energy, a long-term strategic partner. Solarmer is developing a patent-pending process for manufacturing cost-effective, efficient translucent, flexible polymer solar cells

AMREL's general approach has been to create very flexible computing platforms in different form factors and then use those platforms as the basis for products customized to particular markets. Platforms include a rugged notebook, a rugged vehicle mount computer, a rugged PDA, and a rugged tablet computer. This COTS (commercial off the shelf) approach allows each platform to easily be adapted and customized.

The company's current platforms include the ROCKY Mobile in-vehicle computer, the ROCKY DR10 and DK10 tablets; the ROCKY DA5+ rugged PDA, the rugged RT9, RF9, and RK10 notebooks in the federal/military computer lineup; and IEC 6060-compliant versions of these platforms in the company's medical computing division. AMREL is at 1-800-654-9838.

Current (as of Summer 2016) AMREL products described on RuggedPCReview.com:

The device shown to the right is the AMREL APEX AH53 durable Android handheld, designed as a combination of modern smartphone and tough communication and data collection unit for the field.

Note that RuggedPCReview.com also carries product pages and specs of several older and discontinued/replaced AMREL tablets, notebooks and PDAs. Links to those can be found in the Replace/Discontinued listings of our Handhelds/PDAs, Tablets and Notebooks sections.